Accredited by NAAC 'A' grade (2nd cycle)

Accredited by NAAC 'A' grade (2nd cycle)


We, at GRT College of Education, have a reputation for innovation and academic excellence, with our library having a great deal of books, students can search and access research resources for their academic purpose.

British Council Library


  • All students and members of teaching and non-teaching staff shall be members of the library.
  • Library remains open from 8.30am to 6.00pm on all college working days. Holidays from 9.00am to 12.30pm.


  • All members are required to sign in the register while entering the library.
  • Members are required to bring their ID card / membership card to enter/exit the library.
  • Strict silence has to be maintained inside the library.
  • Student Academic belongings should keep in proper place.


  • Each Student will be issued (UG & PG 3 books) and staff will be issued 5 library books which are not transferable. And each university rank holder will be issued extra 2 special books.
  • Books issued can normally be retained for a period of 15 days by the students and 30 days by the staff.
  • The Book has to be produced in the library for renewal (15 days). More than two renewals will not be allowed.
  • If the due date falls on a holiday for the library, the next working day will be considered as the due date.
  • Identical books with the same title and same author will not be issued.
  • Books has to be returned or renewed on the proper due date, otherwise fine amount of one rupee per day will be collected.


  • Loss of books, if any, should be reported to the library immediately and it should be replaced with a new copy along with a levy of overdue charges if any.
  • In case the borrower is unable to replace the books that are lost, he will be levied a penalty two times the cost of the book plus overdue charges, if any.


  • Books removed from the shelves for reading should be returned to its correct place. If you cannot find the right place on the shelf, kindly return the books to the counter or leave them on the reading tables after use.
  • users are not allowed to take cuttings from newspapers. One can photo copy the articles that are required.
  • Reference books, Hand books, Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, Journals, Magazines, Project reports and Question bank will not be issued and they are only for reference.
  • The arrangement of chairs in the reading rooms should not be disturbed


  • Library systems should be used academically but not for personal use.
  • Pen drive should be used in the proper manner.
  • Do remember shutdown the computers and switch off the lights and fans after use.
  • The Librarian may refuse to issue books to those who violate these rules.
  • The Suggestions and Complaints register available in the library.
  • Non-adherence to any of the rules or any other malpractice by any member shall involve withdrawal of library facilities in accordance with the instructions of the Principal.

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